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I'm tired of defending my geekiness.

Yes, I'm a geek. That's not an admission, it's a statement. I'm sick of people acting like my love of Science Fiction and Fantasy, and more, my love of the associated Fandom, is something to be ashamed of. To those who continually make fun of me for it, I say these things:

1) Fuck you! What the hell is wrong with you that you have to belittle me for something I enjoy? You don't like it? Great! Go away and leave those of us who do in peace. Think it's weird? Fine! Do you absolutely have to say so to me?

2) When you make fun of those who are in sci-fi clubs (and believe me, I know some of them are kinda out there), keep in mind that some of the people you're making fun of -- even those who are Out There -- are my friends. And I'm tired of pretending they're not so I don't get made fun of. I'm a member (well, not in good standing, I haven't paid this year's dues, but still!) of the U.S.S. Defiance fan club. Sure, it's a silly name. Sure, there are some people there I wish would get lives outside SF/F. But these are also, with a few exceptions, good, hardworking people with lives, emotions, and interests other than Science Fiction. Even the more annoyingly stuck-in-fiction members of Defiance have non-genre interests -- from ham radio to politics to literature.

Those people helped me through some very difficult years at one time, and I owe them a debt I can never repay -- even the ones I don't speak to much anymore mean something to me. And damn you to hell for making me feel bad about it. And damn ME to hell for letting you.

No one has to like all of someone else's friends. Some of my friends don't like another of them. I can count the number of people from Gregory and Elli's dojo I like on one hand -- and one of the people they like the most pisses me off so much I can't be in the room with him for very long. So what? Not their problem -- it's mine, and I don't burden them with it (In fact, this is likely the first inkling they have of it, unless they're much more perceptive than I thought).

Yes, some of the people in those groups are so completely divorced from reality they make even my skin crawl. But don't assume that ALL of the members are like that. In my ten years in fandom, I've met a lot of smart, attractive, successful people in those clubs -- just as many as the losers, in fact.

Sure, I mostly sit in the back with Sally, Penny, Sheryl, Lisa, and Tracy and heckle the crap out of the people who take it all too seriously. But I'm still one of them in the end, and I know it.

I'm one of them. End of story.
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I found out this morning there was an infestation of Species 8472 in my backyard.

Now, as both the Borg and the crew of the U.S.S. Voyager have discovered, Species 8472 is a nasty bunch of buggers. Nearly ten feet tall, telepathic, from another dimension entirely, they have an incredibly dense molecular structure that makes them pretty resistant to the standard energy weapons. My usual PPG would be useless.

So, I sighed and picked up my trusty Tetryon Disruptor. These are great little toys. Autofire, highly destructive, and the alternate fire mode can ricochet, which is great when you're hunting slurgs on the moons of Vega Minor. I got mine off a dead Hirogen who'd been hunting me through a 100 year old Starship from an alternative dimension, but you can pick them up at Uncle Aki's Used Weaponry and Witchcraft Supplies, located in the Bazaar at Deva. Just watch your pockets, that Aki's a thief and a half.

Anyway, with the Tetryon Disruptor, the buggers were nothing big. They fall down really really fast when you fill them full of little green bolts of light.

Just thought you should know. =:)


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