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Born in the Dark Times of 1971, Michael quickly decided that incarnating on Earth had been rather a bad idea and began dreaming of other worlds and other times. If it had starships and other worlds, he devoured it with abandon. Actually, if it had words, he devoured it with a passion. I mean, the frood really reads, you know? *ahem* Anyway.

A shy and bookish sort of lad, he had few friends outside of his head until the last year of high school, where he began to come out from behind the walls.

Now, seventeentwenty twenty-five years since that process began, he finds himself surrounded by a circle of generally pretty floopy people, most of whom understand the odd references to old television shows, British science fiction and comedy, and can at least appreciate the Dune references. Most of all, they notice that sheep do not so much fly, as plummet.

Having fled the halls of Corporate America at age 30, Mahdi is now a high school English teacher.

He is married to the lovely and talented Elli, and is quite, quite happy about that. They have a daughter, and that's just the icing on the cake.

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