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So, I went on the Medifast diet program, because nothing else was working, and I'm tired of being this big. In a little less than a week, I'm seeing amazing results.

Ok, so I know that my weight loss will slow down after a couple of weeks, but as long as it continues, I'll put up with the "meh" food.

Some of the stuff, I love--the Tropical Punch is good, the shakes are good, the lemon bars are ok, the Cinnamon bars are YUMMY. The oatmeal is pretty good, the brownies are good. The chili and the veggie sloppy joe are pretty good. The fajita mix made a great beef patty following the recipe that came with it.

On the other hand, the Fruit & Nut bars taste like ass. I can't get the pudding to actually gel.

But you know, it's not too bad. Especially when I imagine myself 100 pounds lighter, wearing size 38 or even possibly 36 pants again. Imagining myself in a kayak not feeling compressed. Imagining not feeling too big for the world, being able to slide into a student desk like most of my colleagues can... yeah, moderately ok food for a few months is a small price to pay for that. And I am definitely learning more about what my body needs as opposed to what I want.

Mind you, I'm still hungry a lot. But that's more about my body being used to eating more than it is actual hunger, I think. They say it will even out after a couple of weeks; we're almost at the end of week 1; it's getting a little better. Only a little, but that's something.

It does require some self control. It's easy not to cheat when I'm with my family; they're great motivators. But when I'm alone I have to exercise self control. Not cheating isn't really the hard part; the hard part is how often I think about how I COULD, just a little, if I wanted to. So far I'm good at saying "No, that will not happen." I hope that, as time goes on, I think about it less. One thing that helps is the cost of the program; I'm not spending that much money each month and then screwing it up; that would be crapping on my family. NO THANK YOU.

Anyway. Hope y'all don't mind, but I'll be posting occasional updates about this. Not going on my writer-journal, because hey, that's not what it's for. I will probably cross-post to LiveJournal though, if you follow that, so you won't miss anything unless you want to.


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