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State of the book:

I seriously need to figure out how to link my Wordpress, where I do most of my blogging these days, so it will cross-post to my LJ.

Anyway. The first draft of the book was completed a month or so back. You'll notice I shortened the word count. That's mostly because I'm trying not to psyche myself into thinking I MUST have 100K words; but also I know that SF first novels are often less than that.

Anyway, I've begun revisions, and then I'll be looking for Betas, probably from my lovely classmates from Viable Paradise 17, and perhaps an outlier or two. Then a final polish incorporating what notes from the beta readers I find useful, and then I'll start hammering my ego flat by submitting it to agents and possibly to Tor Books, if they're open to subs at that time and if I decide my ego can handle a Tor editor saying no without an agent as go-between.

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Congrats on finishing the book! I'd offer my services as beta reader, but I'm close to declaring critique bankruptcy with the quantity I need to do right now :(

Do you have a self-hosted Wordpress install, or a one? If you can install plugins freely, Livejournal Crossposter might work for you. I just set up a Wordpress blog of my own, and was pleased to see this plugin is still in development.

It works pretty well, that I've seen so far -- one time it failed to connect to LJ, but the other times it worked fine.