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In a flat second. I'd be too busy traveling and living in cool places, anyway. Though I admit it would be hard if "the internet" included my kindle.
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If it was a "superhero" level power, I'd share it--anonymously, and with great care taken to protect my identity and my family.

If it was just something passive, like the ability to speak and understand all languages, or something... I'd keep it to myself.
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My answer likely changes with the day. Today, "Longbourn" or "Pemberley" top the list.
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Five things I love:

1. Tower Cafe
2. Trees everywhere
3. Affordable, compared to where I grew up.*
4. It doesn't snow here.
5. Sacramento is very diverse

Five things I hate:

1. Too many people.**
2. Too hot in the summer***
3. Too flat ****
4. Too far from the coast - Napa is only an hour from the ocean. Here it's 2 to 3 hours.
5. The citizens here are too obsessed with being seen as a "world class" city, and not concerned enough with fixing the real problems we have.

I've lived in several cities, and Sacramento is pretty much the best of them, except for Napa, where I spent most of my childhood and wish I lived now. Napa is a part of my heart in a way that nowhere else ever will be--not even a place in the UK. If I struck lottery gold, I'd try very very hard to convince my wife to move there. Sadly, I'd probably fail. :) This is really a moot point, though, since I very rarely even play the lottery.

* Seriously, the town I grew up in? I could not afford to live there now, at least not in the nice part of town I lived in. My childhood home last sold for $1.9 million dollars. And while I love Napa, the rest of town isn't really my kind of place; I could live there but my family wouldn't love it. But man, am I homesick.

** Seriously. I live in Sacramento, California. Just within the city limits there are 400,000+ people. The entire metro area has 2 million people. The town I grew up in has a population of 74,000, and there isn't a metro area.

*** Napa gets hot in summer, too--for about two weeks in late July/early August, it's 100+. It rarely gets over the low 90s otherwise.

**** I grew up in hill country, and to get to my house from the main road, you took a 1/2 mile driveway that went uphill.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I prefer that my wife give me the stuff I need, and then go away. Preferably while I'm laying on the couch with the remote, the x-box controller, and a good DVD or three nearby.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Don't quit school; you're closer than you realize to your goal. Also? That girl? NOT FOR YOU. Don't do it. Also, that boy? ALSO NOT FOR YOU. Save yourself. Go traveling while you can.
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The TARDIS. Or, rather, my TARDIS. Though, come to think of it, living in the Doctor's TARDIS would also be a rather nice thing, though the danger level is kind of crazy. And living in my own would only be nice if I was, y'know, a Time Lord.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Because I'm a teacher, and it's actually MORE work to miss a day than it is to work, I go to work anyway unless I'm contagious with something awful or just too sick to move. I rarely get that sick, unfortunately.


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