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There are job openings for English teachers all over the place, but I can't apply to most of them -- at least, not yet.

See, I'm not a credentialed teacher yet. I'm just some guy with a BA and a lot of pre-service classes in ESL and the like. So for me to apply to district jobs, I have to be able to show that, if hired, I'll be teaching on an Intern credential for two years and supervised/trained. If I get accepted to Pipeline, that's made a little easier; if I receive the "He's one of ours" letter from Impact, it's a little easier; if a miracle happens and SCUSD calls after all (and that's probably about as likely as me spontaneously changing genders), it becomes moot and my search is done.

And if the district doesn't participate in either Pipeline or Impact? Forget it: there is no chance of being hired there. For example, Davis. No alternative credentialing track there, dammit -- they need a bunch of English teachers, and I can't apply for any of the positions.

Until one of those three things happens, I'm just uselessly spinning my wheels. And I have deadlines: If I don't have a secured, signed contract by June 7th, then I'm completely out of Impact (It's possible I could do the classes later in the summer, but unlikely).

I mean, ok, I know I've said that if nothing else pans out I will become a substitute teacher for the year of 2006-2007, and that's still the tertiary plan, but ... it's not what I want. It's a fallback position, a way of salvaging what was supposed to be a fairly easy process and has become instead a nightmare. It isn't really a part of the golden path. But then, the golden path is looking pretty fucking tarnished, right now.
May. 20th, 2006 12:21 pm


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So, the commencement ceremony...

BORing! I wish I'd been playing [ profile] funwithrage's Commencement Drinking Game, but since we didn't have long student speeches I'd have been only partially smashed, not entirely so. The president of the university provoked a laugh among the English majors by pronouncing "attain" as "achain," and the Board Trustee who spoke really could use an advanced comp. class, but eh. It was over in two hours.

I did develop the most fantastic sunburn on my face. The Dorktastic hat (mortarboard) covered my forehead, so from my hairline down two inches or so is fine; after that it's red red red.

But the important thing is, I'm done. I have a BA in English Literature. That feels good. I've passed the CBEST. I've attained the necessary subject matter competency. Now I just have to get myself a teaching position for next year.
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So, the SCUSD program (which is properly known as Project Impact) has been delayed for reasons unknown, but today I got this email from the SCUSD director:
You should be getting a letter from Impact by tomorrow that will hopefully clear things up. I have not read the letter that is being sent, but hopefully if will provide the answers you (and everyone else) have been waiting for.

Oh, dear. Hopefully it won't be "There's no funding and no positions. Sorry. Good luck."

Ah well. I'm turning in my application to Project Pipeline today.
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I went to a teacher's workshop last night on the advice of my reading pedagogy teacher. It was interesting, though of course I, as the sole student attendee, felt somewhat like an interloper -- like I didn't belong. I wasn't treated that way, however, and I appreciated the insight into things I'll probably have to deal with in the next couple of years.

The most amusing part of the evening came when a Sacramento City College teacher made me promise never to teach my students the dreaded and often-maligned five paragraph essay format. "They learn that damned thing in high school, then we have to train it out of them! Don't do it!"

Kara was there, she-who-dislikes-me-intensely, but there were no venomous looks. I'd expected her to ignore me, and I was ok with that (because, really, what choice do I have but to be ok with it? I can't command her to decide I'm not as bad as she thinks I am), but she greeted me politely by name, and that was that.

Edit: Well, frack that. Just on a whim, I decided to go see what, if anything, she said about it. She basically spewed bile and insulted me, ignoring she doesn't know the whole story. Oh well.


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