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I have this desk calendar that has all sorts of teacher-type humor and anecdotes, along with the usual assortment of sappy sentiment and occasional tips from other teachers. I roll my eyes at a lot of it.

Today's says "Real Teachers get a lot more valentines than their friends do. In fact, they get a lot more valentines than just about everyone else."

Yeah, ok. That may well be true of elementary teachers, but secondary? Not so much. To a lot of my students, I am the devil incarnate. Of course there are some who like me, even some who like me a lot, but I hope to the Nine they don't give me a valentine, because... well, it just seems silly. That sort of indiscriminate "give one to everyone" thing died out in sixth grade. I hated it even before that.

In the early part of this year, I got into the bad habit of stopping at Burger King for breakfast. BAD idea. To help me break that, I bought a box of instant Irish Oatmeal at Trader Joe's and brought some to work.

This morning I walked to work and made some for the first time. YUM. I'd forgotten how much I love oatmeal.


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