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Our world stands on the brink of greatness.

Technology is advancing to the point where solar and wind power are actually becoming more economical than fossil fuels. With the looming optimization of hydrogen/fuel cell vehicles, we could reach a point where America's farmers produce not only most of the country's power, but most of it's fuel via direct conversion of Wind-generated electricity to Hydrogen fuel. And if America does it, the rest of the planet will follow -- Germany and Japan are already trying to beat us.

We stand on the edge of space, ready to launch ourselves out into the Void. Every year we have more people ready to go, ready to see what's out there, and no longer is this the domain the science geek or the Trekkie.

Despite the current geoplitical mess the planet is in, we're also in an era where there is more agreement and cooperation between nations than at any other point in human history. Even our governments are beginning to realise they'll have to work together to survive the new millenium.

Of course, there is danger. There is still the possibility we won't survive as a race, or as a world society. But except for a few anomalies, these days I am filled with hope for our species. We've already accomplished and survived so much. And though our challenges will grow more severe, with more to lose should we fail, I choose to have hope in those who will face those challenges rather than believe we're doomed.

I look at my sisters, and I see all the potential of the planet mirrored iin their eyes. Who knows what they will become? Hell, it's just possible one of them will invent a revolutionary new medicine, or a stardrive, or something that will say to the world "HEY! Here's a better way!"

And hopefully I'll be there to see it happen.


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