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In no particular order:

1. Vampires Live. This free app is a silly little Vampire game, but it's fun. If you have it, join my clan: Code is 2R3MV.

2. Shakespeare. Another free app, this one has the full text of all of Shakespeare's plays and all the sonnets, plus a few other odds and ends. Nicely formatted for the screen. An English teacher's dream for those quick lookups, should you need them, and if not, it's a nice little novelty.

3. YELP. I have some issues with the YELP! app, but as free apps go, it's a fairly good one. I just wish I could expand the field of search on the map like I can with the built-in Maps application. Nice to see what's available if you need it.

4. I.TV. Another freebie. Get a free I.TV account, and you get a tv guide that can give you the listings for anywhere you happen to be, or anywhere else, for that matter (if you're travelling, say). It can link to both your Netflix queue, allowing you to add and delete items to both your DVD and Streaming queues, and it can tell your TiVo at home to record something with a touch of a button. It's nifty. It can also look up local theatre times and add movies on the Theatrical Release list to your Netflix queue.

5. Pride and Prejudice> I have two versions of this, both containing the full and unadulterated text. Does it replace books? No, and it would be nicer on a Kindle, but it's handy when I'm waiting in a long line or bored during a prep period and want a quick fix of Austen. The company does a lot of these Public Domain novels, all of them either free or very cheap.

6. Smule Ocarina: Awesome. You can either play the Ocarina (lots of music available online) or listen to others around the world.

7. Flixster. Yet another free app (can you smell a theme?), this one allows you to see what movies are coming out and watch trailers for them, read user reviews, see the Rotten Tomatoes aggregate score, and read critic reviews from various newspapers. You can also get local movie times by theater, which can link you to the other information. About the only thing you CAN'T do is order tickets. I'm sure that will come.

8. If you have a Mac, and you don't have a Mac remote but you DO have an iPhone or iTouch, you can get Remote, a nice little app that becomes your computer's remote. There are various programs that do the same thing; this one was chosen because it was (I think) free.

9. RemotePad is a nice tool for teachers; it basically turns your iPhone or iTouch into your computer's touchpad. This will allow me to walk around the room while still demo'ing how to use the website I'm referring students to, or controlling my PowerPoint show, or what-have-you. Also useful if you've hooked your mac up to your TV (as we do sometimes) to control YouTube or other programs.

10. Spellbook: A D&D program, this holds ALL the 3.0/3.5 spells (full text) in a very nice package it is easy to use. I'm updating it slowly to Pathfinder spells (most of which are the same); once I've done that (probably won't be done until after the final version of Pathfinder is released in August) I'll make the library file available to others.
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(this message, while real and truthful, is mainly brought to you by my caffeine-addled brain).

Despite the fact I have officially switched to Mac for almost all my computing needs, I still want quite desperately to upgrade my PC replace the dinosaur I call a PC with something more modern. I mean, Zathras (my PC) has served me well, but he's dying. It's time for a new Zathras. Unfortunately, I'm not the one I have to convince. Honey? Darling? ;)

City of Heroes calls to my soul; you cannot possibly understand the desire within my blood. Or maybe you can, I dunno. CoH is my Sims2.

Zathras sad. Very sad.


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