Aug. 5th, 2012

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And a milestone begins tomorrow. My daughter begins Kindergarten. Holy crap. It seems like yesterday that she was a tiny baby sleeping on my chest.

Because she starts school early this year (her school starts Kindergarten early to get the kids into the routine), I have two weeks of daily freedom before I have to go back to work. Some of this I'll use to get back on the exercise wagon, some to clean the house without distraction, but a lot of it will be either playing video games, going on day trips, and writing my curriculum for the next year. And sleeping.

My curriculum... I had thought I'd be teaching American Literature this year, but apparently not. My schedule is:

0 Period: Journalism
1st , 2nd, 5th Periods: 9th Grade
4th, 6th Periods: Advanced 9th Grade.
3rd: Prep

The plus side of that is that I won't have to be planning for more than 2 classes. Technically, the Adv. 9 is a different prep than normal English 9, but the real difference is in higher expectations and deeper exploration of texts. Instead of Multiple Choice quizzes, it's all essay questions, two more essays per year, etc. So it's a LOT less work than I've been doing the past few years, except for the teaching part.

But before I go back, I want to relax. And get some writing done. Finally.


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