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Had an appt with my cardiologist today. That's probably part of the reason I'm feeling so out of sorts lately.

Anyway, it was OK, except that my dosage was increased (due to the afib episode in April), and if I have another one he's going to add a new med to the treatment plan.

The bad part was that I now cannot have caffeine. Decaf tea is OK; but otherwise I can't have iced tea, or coffee drinks (some of which I actually like), or chai (unless it's decaf).

And, of course, no more Dr Pepper. Which is painful, because Dr Pepper (and recently diet Dr Pepper) is my favorite soda ever. I love the stuff so damned much. Ah well. Health before taste. Good thing I like Root Beer, I guess, though I think I'll likely be drinking WAY less soda even after the diet is over.

He specifically said I can't have chocolate. I've never been much of a chocolate lover anyway, but at least now I have an excuse to shut up the folks who hear I don't want it and act like it's some kind of sin that I don't really like it.
Date: 2014-05-20 05:27 pm (UTC)

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Another Dr Pepper lover—A man after my own heart!

I, too, gave up the stuff almost entirely when I decided to Eat Less Shit, now I probably have maybe one a year, if that. I miss it dearly; back in college, my weeknight jam was to make myself a big bowl of popcorn, crack open a frosty cold Dr Pepper, and put on some anime or some Babylon 5 and geek right the fuck out. Good times.

I'm really sorry to hear about your health problems, but glad that you're taking care of yourself.


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